Why are we proud of our product?

Euphory sanitary pads combine several unique features:


Natural bamboo fibre is the base of the pad. It has an antibacterial effect, making the pad sterile and ensuring insect control. The fibre possesses a strong absorption capacity; effectively eliminates moisture and any smells. Bamboo extract also provides skin care, as it is a rich source of antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamin C, which calms and softens the skin, preventing itching. It also has a strong anti-acidification quality, and its SOD activity is very high, which provides it with anti-inflammatory qualities.


Green tea extract contains active substances such as polyphenols and polyhydroxy acid, giving it antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory features. It ensures freshness and boosts intimate immunity. Its chemical qualities remove harmful free radicals and block lipids. The peroxidation process increases the activity of enzymes in the human body, providing anti-mutation and anti-cancer effects. Additionally, it has been proved by multiple research that due to green tea’s collagenase, which causes a reduced breakdown of collagen, it improves skin elasticity and slows down various signs of ageing.


We use bio granulation slow-release technology in applying green tea extract in the production of our pads, which retains all the active ingredients without changing their structure and ensures that all beneficial qualities are preserved to the maximum extent.


Our unique packages are a reflection of the diversity of womanhood. It is directed at emphasising a simple yet significant statement - every woman is valuable. The art on our packages was created by talented and stylish illustrator from Kyrgyzstan - Anara (Toianmed).

Organic composition

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Anion Chip (Green Tea Extract) gives an antibacterial effect


Soft, non-woven cover. Absorbs quickly to keep you feeling dry


Super absorbent air-laid paper prevents repeated leaks and twists


Superabsorbent Japanese paper Japanese Sumitomo SAP, Provides instant absorption and locks in liquid


Ergonomic recess, blocks liquid and prevents leaks


fluorine-free glue, safe for your health


Breathable back film


Moisture protection


Individual packaging for each pad keeps the product sterile

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