Why are we proud of our product?

Euphory sanitary pads combine several unique features:


Euphory Care cotton pads are ultrasoft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and suitable for all skin types. They are made from 100% clean, certified cotton and are completely safe premium products. The organic cotton that we use is grown in controlled eco-friendly farms, without the use of chemical fertilisers, and in accordance with strict international environmental standards. The double-sided, multi-layer and embossed structure makes them durable, highly absorbent and lint-free. The technology of hydroentangling fibres bleached on the basis of active oxygen made it possible to create a material capable of quickly absorbing and retaining a significant amount of liquids. The large size of our cotton pads - 7x9 cm - makes them easy to use. 


Thanks to the materials and manufacturing technologies, Euphory Care cotton pads are ideal for use in beauty and health industries, for example, the personal hygiene of a chest-feeding person or caring for a baby. Our cotton pads provide a soft touch to the baby's delicate skin without leaving lint or causing allergies. Moreover, due to ultra-soft fibres, Euphory Care cotton pads gently remove make-up, even from the most sensitive areas, such as the skin around the eyes.


In addition, we take great care to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly and do not harm the planet. Commitment to a healthy lifestyle and sustainability is the core of our company. 


Our unique packages are a reflection of the diversity of womanhood. It is directed at emphasising a simple yet significant statement- every woman is valuable. The art on our packages was created by talented and stylish illustrator from Kyrgyzstan - Anara (Toianmed)

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Doesn’t leave lint


Stitched edge


Embossed surface

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